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What are the advantages of aluminium vs. plastic and wood balustrades?

Aluminium delivers the best combination of appearance, strength, and durability. Easy to assemble, and low maintenance, the powder coated finish will continue to retain its beauty for many years and is backed by a manufacturer’s 20 year limited warranty.

Does Peak® Aluminium Balustrade have a warranty?

Yes, Peak® Aluminium Balustrade’s quality allows us to offer you a 20 year limited warranty.

Where can I buy Peak® Aluminium Balustrade?

Peak® Aluminium Balustrade is carried at select Bunning stores. For more information, contact Peak customer service at support@peakproducts.com.au.

Does the Peak® Aluminium Balustrade system meet building code requirements?

Yes, the Peak® Aluminium Balustrade meets certain building code requirements. For more information visit our compliance page.

Can a balustrade system be installed on a balcony or any other similar space?

Yes, the Peak®Aluminium Balustrade system is perfect for decks, balconies, patios, porches, verandas and can even be used for some indoor applications. For more information visit our compliance page.

What type of surfaces can Peak®Aluminium Balustrade be installed on?

The Peak®Aluminium Balustrade system can be installed wood, concrete, and composite surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. Also, it allows you to mount balustrades directly to walls or to existing wood posts and columns.

Is the Peak® Aluminium Balustrade gate available in other sizes?

The Peak® Aluminium Balustrade gate fits up to a 1150mm rough opening without any alterations. The gate features a removable post on one end that allows you to cut the gate down to the size you need. Simply remove the post, mark and cut the gate according to the installation instructions, reattach the removable post and secure with the self-drilling fasteners provided.

How many different designs of decorative spacers are available?

We currently offer the diamond decorative spacers (black). These decorative spacers can be used in every space between the balusters, every other space or wherever you think looks best. Your imagination is the only limit!

What type of paint should I use to touch up the Peak® Aluminium Balustrade System?

The Peak® Aluminium Balustrade system is coated with a durable and attractive powder coat finish. In the event your Peak® Aluminium Balustrade is scratched, visit your local home improvement retailer and speak to a paint expert for suggestions on the best touch up solution.

Is the hardware for Peak® Aluminium Balustrade powder coated?

The heads of all fasteners provided with Peak® Aluminium Balustrade are powder coated to match the color of the product.

What lengths are glass gaskets available in?

Glass gaskets are available in 1.2m lengths. Each 1.2m set contains one handrail glass gasket (larger of the two gaskets) and one base rail glass gasket (smaller of the two gaskets).

Are the balusters and spacers for horizontal deck balustrades and stair balutrades the same?

No, they are different. Stair balusters are shorter than regular balusters, and “wide” stair balusters are cut on an angle. Stair spacers are longer than regular spacers and have angles cut at each end.

Do the gates come with the latch, hinges and required fasteners?

Yes, it is a complete gate kit with all required fasteners and hardware included.

What are the dimensions of standard balusters, wide balusters and posts?

Standard balusters: 16mm x 16mm x 885mm (L x W x H)
Wide balusters: 38.1mm x 16mm x 885mm (L x W x H)
Posts: 50.8mm x 50.8mm x 1000mm (L x W x H)

Can I use a glass panel & balusters in the same balustrade section?

Yes, your imagination is the only limit. You can even use decorative spacers in the same section as a glass panel and balusters. Be sure to use the correct gaskets for each (baluster or glass).

Is Peak® Aluminium balustrade glass fully toughened?

Yes, Peak®Aluminium balustrade glass is fully toughened safety glass. Peak® Aluminium balustrade glass is identified by a small PEAK logo etched into the bottom corner of each glass panel. Each standard that the glass panels meet is etched into the bottom corner of each glass panel. Always comply with all applicable building codes.

Is tinted glass available?

Yes, the tinted option is available in our sectional glass kit.

What sizes are the glass panels available in?

Glass panel sizes are available in 150mm sectional glass kit and 1025mm widths.

If I find it difficult to insert the glass panels into the glass gaskets, what suggestions would you have?

Make sure you have removed the “baluster gaskets” and have inserted the “glass gaskets”. It is important to use liquid soap and water on both the glass gaskets and the top and bottom of the glass panel to help slide the glass panels into the glass gaskets. Always use two people to install glass panels. During installation, handle glass from the sides, not the bottom. Insert the glass panel completely inside the handrail gasket first and then lower into the base rail gasket. Ensure that the glass panel is completely seated in the base rail gasket. Rinse off soap.

Can the glass panels be used for the stair balustrade sections?

No, for safety reasons, only balusters can be used for stair balustrade applications.

Can the regular hand and base rail be used for stair applications?

Yes, the regular hand and base rail can be used for stair applications but “stair” balusters and spacers are different than regular balusters and spacers.

Are different colours available?

The Peak® Aluminium Balustrade components are available in black and silver.

Do the gates come in different sizes?

Peak® Aluminium Balustrade gates will fit up to a 1150mm rough opening. Each gate comes with a removable post, and can be cut down to custom sizes as needed.

What is the difference between balusters and stair balusters?

Stair balusters are shorter than balusters, and the wide stair balusters are cut on an angle to facilitate easy installation.

Can the glass panels be cut down?

No, since the glass panels are toughened safety glass, they cannot be cut down to size.

What is the height of the Peak® Aluminium Balustrade system?

The Peak® Aluminium Balustrade is 1 meter high.

What tools do I need to install Peak® Aluminium Balustrade

Hacksaw or metal cutting saw, drill, drill bits, Phillips screw driver, safety glasses, measuring tape, liquid soap (for glass panel installations) and non-corrosive exterior caulking.

Can Peak® Aluminium Balustrade be installed on concrete?

Yes, the Peak® Aluminium Balustrade can be installed on concrete with the use of fasteners designed for concrete applications (sold separately).

I can’t get the glass panel to insert into the gasket. Am I doing something wrong?

Check to make sure that the baluster gaskets in both rails have been removed and that the top and bottom glass gaskets are in the right position. The deep glass gasket goes in the top rail, and the shallow glass gasket goes in the bottom rail. Use soap and water along the edges of the glass to help get it engaged in the gaskets.

Can Peak® Aluminium Balustrade system be cut down to shorter heights?

No, the Peak® Aluminium Balustrade system cannot be cut down to a shorter height.

The balusters feel loose when engaged in the hand & base rails. What could be causing this?

The hand & base rail components ship with a plastic baluster gasket already inserted in the channels of the hand & base rails. Be sure that this gasket is present to hold the balusters in place.



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